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The 5 Major Real Estate Agents Staging Mistakes to Avoid


Certain real estate staging mistakes can cost you. We’re sharing the 5 major mistakes you need to avoid for your next open house in this post. Learn more here.

Realtors – what are you doing to improve your property sales? There are two ways you can go about this – lowering your price or enhancing the property. If funds are available, the latter is a win-win. The realtor gets more money and the lucky home buyer gets a beautiful home.

Given the current housing market, you definitely want to up the ante is appeasing home buyers.

One way to prepare for an open house is to use real estate staging techniques. But before you go all out with your home staging, make sure you don’t end up making the following mistakes!

Overdoing Your Real Estate Staging

Yes, it can and has been done. Realtors will go over and beyond sprucing up a property. But there’s such a thing as too much staging. Some great examples of this are the following:

  • Filling bathtubs with bubbles and rose petals. This sounds awesome for a date, but not an open house.
  • Placing roses and champagne on the bed. Again, great for a proposal, but not home buyers.
  • Baking cookies in the oven. If anything, have it already set out for the prospects to eat. Smelling sweets on an empty stomach may make them frustrated.
  • Placing reading glasses on an open book. What a great idea for a photo shoot for a chic magazine! But not for real estate staging


Using Unprofessional Photography

Once the property has been staged, you need a professional eye to capture the essence of the home. The images in your real estate ads need to be riveting. But this can only be done when you have quality photos.


No Planning or Time Management

How much time do you have to sell the property? If the homeowners are looking for a rush sale, you don’t want to perform staging that will take too much time. An ideal time frame for real estate staging would be between one and three weeks.

It’s about de-cluttering, as well as emphasizing key areas with beautiful furniture and props.


Staging the House On Your Own

Why go with a professional stager when you can do it yourself? Because you’re not an expert. In a nutshell, an experienced stager knows the process and will be able to do everything faster. The outcome will also be more effective.


Finding the Cheapest Stager You Can Find

Now that you know a pro is needed, you don’t want to go with the cheapest out there. Your eyes should be on getting the best quality outcome. Make sure the professional you choose has credible referrals and a great portfolio.


Getting Your Homes Staged and Ready for Open House

Before Staging

After Staging

At Value Plus Home Staging, we take the time to understand the needs and desires of our clients. No two customers are the same, so we do what we can to accommodate each one. At the end of the day, our goal is to bring out the beauty of your property with our home staging services.

If you’re looking to get your home ready for the market, contact us today!




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